March 21, 2019

Vice President-Retail Offices

"Excellent!!!! Tony's food and customer service are always excellent regardless of what you get! The steaks, filled chicken breasts, sausage, delicious fresh baked cookies, pies, spreads, gift baskets and salads are the best in town and out of town for that matter! We love Tony's!!! It's our favorite stop in Williamsport!!!"
February 2, 2019

"Pricey, but great food!! Their baked beans "
February 1, 2019

"Today was the first time my husband and I stepped foot into Tony’s Deli. The time was about 12:20. It was packed with customers but we were still recognized . Employees were all over us as to how they could help us . My eyes were scanning all the shelf’s , deli cases and meats and produce products . We could not believe how friendly we were treated by all the employees. My husband "
January 23, 2019

"One of my favorite stops in Williamsport."
December 18, 2018


"My daughter had her wedding catered by Tony's and everything was so yummy! The staff was extremely professional and everything was just perfect, as they had promised."