Hearty Soups Are Healthy Soups

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There’s nothing like the enticing aroma of a hearty soup on a cold winter’s day. Some people view soups as a side or a smaller course in a larger meal, but soups with the right ingredients can be hearty enough to act as a meal themselves, and come with a host of other benefits.

Next time you’re looking for food catering in Williamsport, PA, consider choosing a hearty soup for the menu. Here’s why doing so will keep you full and happy:

  • Stay full on less: Because soups include more liquid than other foods, it helps people feel fuller than if they did not eat them in addition to or in place of other foods. Research has shown that soup—especially smooth soups—induces what’s called delayed gastric emptying. In simple terms, this means that your stomach feels fuller for longer. Also, many soups include lots of vegetables, and the fiber in those vegetables also contributes to feeling full. As you can probably tell, people who eat soups can find some success with weight loss by eating soup before a meal to avoid filling up on higher-calorie offerings.
  • Help your digestion: On top of weight loss, soups can also contribute to general dietary health, mainly because of those vegetables. Many people struggle to hit the daily recommended seven or eight servings of vegetables, but soups pack a big veggie punch in a palatable package. Even picky eaters tend to enjoy soups with lots of vegetables, which also makes them a great option for children. On top of high-fiber vegetables, many soups include filling and healthy beans or lentils along with leaner cuts of meat. These can all help digestion and provide you with important nutrients.
  • Protect against inflammation: Soups made from animal bones have proven health benefits. Bone broths often include gelatin, collagen and glycine, three ingredients that are naturally anti-inflammatory. This means eating soup can help protect you from aches and pains.
  • Boost your immune system: Perhaps you’ve been skeptical of a family member’s advice to eat chicken soup when you have a bad cold, but this oft-repeated advice actually has a basis in science. The broth has a stellar combination of vitamins and minerals to help the immune system, and the soup also helps sick people remain hydrated with its easily-digestible broth.

If these aren’t enough reasons to add soup to your menu for food catering in Williamsport, PA, then consider just how delicious and warming a great cup of soup can be! Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats would be thrilled to cater your lunches with any one of our homemade soups, including beef vegetable, chicken corn, chili and that favorite classic, chicken noodle.

For over 40 years, Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats has offered the best in homemade, preservative-free foods to Williamsport and the surrounding communities. On top of our soups, we offer delicious meats, cheeses, vegetable trays, fruit trays and baked goods, as well as catering options for special events. Stop by today to see our range of specialty foods!

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