Lesser Known Cuts of Meat To Try

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You likely are very familiar with the most popular and widely sold cuts of meat that are available at local butcher shops, grocery stores, and supermarkets. From the filet mignon to the New York strip steak and many others, the prices of your favorite cuts of meat are rising fast.

Fortunately, many lesser-known cuts of meat taste great and often deliver better value for your dinner table. Some timely butcher tips will help you to identify five of the best alternative cuts of meat that you might find to be delicious and potentially more affordable.

Flank Steak

Also known as the London broil, the flank steaks are lean, boneless, and generally affordable. The cut comes from the cow’s lower chest or the abdominal muscles and has a coarse texture with a robust grain. It marinates very well and has a beefy flavor that is mouthwatering when cooked correctly.

Flat Iron

A rectangular and thick cut of beef, the flat iron comes from the cow’s shoulder. The marbled cut produces a juicy steak that delivers exceptional flavor and texture. The flat iron works very well with kebobs, too.

Hanger Steak

The aptly named hanger steak comes from the steer’s underbelly where it hangs low to the ground. Butchers and chefs generally regard the hanger steak as the most underrated cut and often keep samples of the cuts for themselves.

The cut is located near the organs and is subject to a good amount of blood flow, which helps to make it especially flavorful. A properly cooked hanger steak is very tender and juicy. It also takes very well to flavoring and marinating as well as any cut of meat.

Teres Major

The teres major cut of beef is one of the most underrated of all. It also is among the least-known cuts of meat despite being lean, tender, and mild in flavor. The cut comes from the chuck portion of the cow’s shoulder.

The teres major is soft and tender with a rich flavor, making it one of the best cuts for grilling, pan-frying, and roasting. The cut is very similar to beef tenderloin and works very well in stews.


The boomerang-shaped tri-tip has three tips, giving it a very apt and descriptive name. Tri-tip comes from the bottom of the cow and is very tender. It is often available in large cuts and ranks among the best-tasting cuts of beef. It also is among the most affordable.

Chef and butcher tips helped to identify the five cuts of beef as some of the best-tasting and least-appreciated despite being a relative bargain. They also compare very well to more popular and much more expensive cuts of beef.

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