5 Helpful Questions to Ask Your Butcher

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5 Helpful Questions to Ask Your Butcher

Meat is a staple of most American diets. All meats, however, are not created equal. Getting good cuts of meat and quality meat products is also an essential part of creating good meals. Do you know what butcher questions you should ask?

It doesn’t matter if it’s dinner for the family, a cookout with friends, or cooking for the holidays or a special occasion, getting good meat is the beginning of every good meal. That also means knowing how to select those prime cuts and the best quality meats. Here are five helpful questions to ask your butcher to help you choose those select cuts of meat.

Butcher Questions to Help You Choose the Best Meats

If you have a question about cars, you should ask a mechanic for advice. If you have questions about cooking, ask a chef for input. And if you want to know about quality meat, ask a butcher. Here are a few questions that can help.

Which Cut Do You Recommend? 

Butchers aren’t simply random people with large knives. They’re generally trained, practiced, and approved with a meat processing-related certificate. That also means these folks are a top source of information for learning about the best cuts of meat.

How Should I Prepare This Cut?

More often than not, butchers also prepare and eat the products they sell. This can give butchers insight into the best way to prepare that cut of beef or salmon steak. Sometimes there’s no better teacher than experience, and getting cooking tips from your butcher is akin to getting Cliffs Notes for class.

Where Do You Source Your Meat?

Many consumers choose to buy meats from local farmers and suppliers, while others may want to research the meat producer. One of the most popular butcher questions regarding these preferences is about who supplies the meat. 

Do You Make Your Own Sausages, Burgers, Etc.?

It is more common than not to find a full range of products filling the glass counter at the butcher’s shop. That includes items such as premade hamburgers, sausages, and meat dishes. While it is generally assumed that these products are made by the in-house butcher, that isn’t always the case.

Which Are the Most Popular Cuts of Meat?

Arguably the most common among butcher questions is related to the most popular cuts of meat. Not only do butchers have insights and knowledge about meat, but they’re also a great source of information. Chances are good that the most popular cuts of meat are also the best.

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