How Long Is Deli Meat Good For?

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At Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats, we always have to be on top of how long the deli meats sell will be good for. It is critically important that we always serve our customers foods that we would serve our own families, and that is precisely what we make sure to take care of in our shop. That said, many customers aren’t so sure about the longevity of the deli meats they purchase, which is why we are taking a moment to discuss this.

How Long Is Deli Meat Good For? 

It is a tricky question to ask exactly how long deli meat is good for. A few assumptions need to be brought into the situation before this question can be answered with any reasonable amount of certainty. First, you need to know if the meat has sat out at room temperature (or hotter) in the deli for any extended period. If it has, then it won’t remain good for as long. That said, assuming that the deli meat has been properly maintained, then it is reasonable to assume that it can last for approximately three to five days if properly refrigerated. 

This is what you get for fresh deli meats. The answer is a little different when speaking about pre-packaged deli meats that you may purchase in the store. Those are built to last a bit longer as they are literally made to ship across the country to the various grocery stores where they need to go. When dealing with pre-packaged meats like that, you can expect that you may be able to safely store them for up to two weeks without any problems. 

How Long Are Cold Cuts Good For? 

Cold cuts will operate in much the same fashion as the other types of meat you buy from the deli. This is to say that you can expect them to hold up for approximately three to five days when placed inside your refrigerator. If they were of the pre-packaged variety, then it may be reasonable to look for them to hold up in your refrigerator for up to two weeks as long as the condition of the meat was properly maintained.

If in Doubt, Throw It Out

Everyone hates being wasteful with food, but it is much safer to throw something out if you aren’t sure if it is still good than to take a chance. You may save yourself a few dollars by eating something of questionable freshness, but you take a serious health risk by doing so. Instead, you should simply throw out any meats you can’t confidently say will last for you. 

Make sure you look over the packaging of the meats that you intend to buy and figure out how long they are going to be fresh. If you do both of those things, you should have no problems keeping yourself and your family safe.    


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