What’s the Most Popular Deli Meat?

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The trusted standby for lunches everywhere is the sandwich. The sandwich is an important part of the American diet, and it is an important part of families’ weekly menus. They are portable, easy to make and come in a ton of variations. So, what’s the most popular sandwich meat anyway?

The Sandwich Study

You might think that the lowly sandwich isn’t that important, but a recent study on salt consumption conducted by the Nutrition Examination Survey compiled some interesting sandwich info.

For instance, it is estimated that a whopping 49% of American adults will have a sandwich in a single day. This study provides some insights into how many people are eating sandwiches and what these sandwiches are actually composed of.

Favorite Meats

Choices abound when it comes to which meat you should pile up on your sandwich, but what are the most popular cold cuts? Turkey, ham, bologna, salami, and corned beef, not to mention all of the many different flavors and variations of these meats. Today, there are even meat-free options, and some people completely forgo the meat and create a vegetarian sandwich featuring veggies and even hummus.

But, traditionally, when you think of a sandwich you are thinking of some meat there somewhere. So, what meat are most people using? Sliced ham comes in first, closely followed by peanut butter, then turkey, tuna salad, and finally bologna.

Favorite Bread

More importantly, even than the meats, you got to have some good quality bread to put your sandwich together in the first place. Curious to know what everyone is building that sandwich with? Well, soft white rolls and white bread are solidly at the top. This is followed closely by wheat bread and then whole wheat bread.

Other creative bread choices include pita bread, hoagie rolls, and flour tortillas.


Although some people can certainly enjoy a sandwich of just bread and meat, most people require a little more than that to create a truly satisfying sandwich. Let’s take a look at the most popular sandwich fillings.

You might think cheese is the most popular sandwich filling, but no, it is actually lettuce. This simple veggie seems to be a vital part of the sandwich landscape as it is the number one sandwich filling.

In fact, cheese doesn’t even come in second. Mayonnaise, mustard, and even ketchup rank higher than cheese, coming in only in 6th place.

With so many creative ways to build the perfect sandwich, which is your favorite?

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