Why You Should Consider Antibiotic Free Chicken

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Today, most of us are fortunate enough to have many food options when choosing what to eat. We can make conscious choices about what we put into our bodies so that we can achieve certain health goals. Often, when we think of health goals, we simply think of weight control, but there is so much more that goes into making healthy choices about our food. We also need to consider the sourcing of the food we eat. How was it grown or farmed? What was used on our vegetables, or what was given to the animals?

When it comes to chicken products, there is a great concern about whether antibiotics were used when the chickens were being raised. It is important that you know what went into the chicken because once you eat it, those substances are now going inside of you as well.

There are several reasons why you should try to avoid chicken that has been given antibiotics. Here are three of the most important reasons for you to consider.

Improves Your Immune System

An over-exposure to antibiotics in your system will weaken your own immune system over time. When you consider that most people will use antibiotics for their health multiple times throughout their lives, you can easily understand why they do not need to then ingest additional antibiotics by eating animals treated with them. Antibiotics are not necessarily bad in and of themselves, but rather they must be consumed very carefully so as not to damage the natural immune system.

Protects From Superbugs

When animals are over-exposed to antibiotics, they become more susceptible to bacteria. Antibiotics weaken the body’s natural bacteria microbiome. This means that antibiotics kill bacteria and viruses indiscriminately. Good bacteria are destroyed as well as bad. The problem with this is that good bacteria helps to keep bad bacteria under control. This can create superbugs that are hard to treat and control. The antibiotics are intended to keep germs under control, but the outcome can sometimes be negative when the bacteria overgrow.

If this bacteria overgrows, it can then be passed on to humans who consume the chicken.

Slows Demand

Another important reason to stop eating chicken that is over-treated with antibiotics is to slow the demand for this less than ideal protein source. Antibiotic-treated chickens are not a quality food product. If consumers slow their consumption of this product, it will send a message to the producers. When demand slows, producers will be forced to change their methods and give consumers what they want: high-quality safe protein products like hormone free chicken and meat without antibiotics. 


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