Natural Cheese Versus Processed Cheese: The Differences

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Cheese is a dairy product that can be consumed directly or used as a topping ingredient for different dishes or food such as pizza or sandwiches. However, cheeses are very different. There are approximately 11 types of cheeses categorized as processed cheeses.

Also, cheese can exist and be consumed in its natural form. Natural cheese and processed cheese are very different. Processed and natural cheeses also go through various processes and evolution. So, what is the difference between natural cheese and processed cheese?

Natural Cheese

As the name suggests, natural cheese is the type of cheese in its most natural form. It is made from natural and simple products and ingredients, including fresh and natural salts, natural colors, enzymes and high-quality milk.

Natural cheese exists in its dry form since the watery part of the milk is usually pressed out. As a result, natural cheese has a shorter shelf life and goes bad very quickly. Natural cheese is made from homogenized milk to preserve the fat content. On the other hand, it is pasteurized to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Making natural cheese involves adding harmless bacteria to the milk, which helps in separating the curd from the liquid. After the curd is separated from the liquid, it is cut into small measurable pieces before being cooked. Cooking the curd helps remove excess liquid before salting it and pressing it to form blocks of cheese.

The blocks of cheese are then left in a cool, dry place to mature or age until they are ready for consumption. Natural cheese is only healthy when eaten within limits. It is more beneficial than processed milk since it does not have added chemicals or preservatives.

Processed Cheese

Processed cheese is a very different type of cheese compared to natural cheese. However, it is made by collaborating and blending different natural cheeses. Processed cheese exists in various kinds of flavors and artificial ingredients.

Processed cheese undergoes the same processes as natural cheese; however, it requires more steps and many different forms of ingredients. Making processed cheese involves melting natural cheese, emulsifying and adding preservatives and other artificial ingredients or colorings.

Also, making processed cheese requires adding double the amount of salt used in making natural cheese. The final step in making processed cheese involves forming different cheese blocks and packing them in a machine with no oxygen to prevent molding.

Why Choose Natural Cheese?

Natural cheese has healthier benefits compared to processed cheese. The food colorings and artificial ingredients in processed cheeses have proven to be more harmful to the human body.

On the other hand, natural cheese does not contain any chemical preservatives to keep it fresh. Therefore, it is entirely healthy for consumption if eaten within limits. Processed cheese is mainly used in fast foods where it is served as toppings for several dishes.

Processed cheese can lead to increased weight and obesity if consumed regularly due to the high amounts of calories. Also, the high amount of salt in processed cheese can contribute to high blood pressure.

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