How Much Deli Meat Should I Order?

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When you are planning a party or even a nice lunch or dinner for your favorite people, you want it to go right. At Tony’s Delicatessen and Fresh Meats, we want you and your guests to have the best sandwich, every time. Ordering deli meat is a science, and when you do it right, it’s an excellent meal that you’ll want to do again and again.

How to order deli meat portions is fairly simple, and it just takes a little planning. Make your lists, and then get your numbers ready. Dive into your deli meat planning with our simple guide, and you’ll never think making a sandwich is work again.

How To Order Deli Meat Portions

When ordering deli meat, the first thing you need is the number of people you will be serving. Or, you can calculate how many sandwiches you can expect to make that week for school lunches. The general rule of thumb is to purchase two to three ounces of deli meat for each sandwich you will make. Yes, it is that simple.

Another rule of thumb is to order more than that by the sandwich or per person for the meal. It’s never a bad day when you have too much deli meat. It can be very tempting to put more than two or three ounces on a sandwich when you have the right deli meat. Leftovers are wonderful, but so are big sandwiches.

Consider the Timing of the Meal

Whether or not you are using deli meat for lunch or dinner is important as well when you are ordering. Lunch meals tend to be on the light side. Even the best deli meat in the world should be a little lighter for lunch. Save the heavier sandwiches for a dinner occasion or a late summer supper if you are piling it on.

Knowing when you are serving the sandwiches is important when you are ordering deli meat. If you are serving at a party, people expect to eat lighter than if it is a dinner meal. Now, if your lunch is on Superbowl Sunday, that is a different story all together. Plan your timing with your order, and you will know how much to put on per sandwich.

Plan Your Meal

If you are planning a party, you can plan your deli meat portions around the other items that you are serving. You’ll need big and heavy sandwiches if this is the hero of the day. If you have an eight-foot-long table of food, the sandwiches should be on the lighter side, no matter what time of day it is.

That said, you can make more sandwiches with less meat on them and still have a beautiful eight-foot-long buffet.

Order Deli Meat Today

When you are ordering deli meat, let the experts help you. Whether it’s your second grader or your football friends, you need to make it right. At Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats, we’ve been providing the freshest and best meat to Williamsport, PA residents for decades. You know that when you are ordering deli meat from a deli that has been family-owned and operated since 1977, you’re going to get a good sandwich. Call us for help placing your order today.



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