Easter Is Around The Corner: 10 Things You Eat at Easter

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Just as important as eggs and baskets are the Easter foods we prepare for this beloved springtime holiday. Some of those traditional Easter dishes have been shared for centuries, but why? If you want to plan a traditional Easter meal or dinner this year, we have all the info you need on popular Easter foods to prepare and a little history of their significance. Keep reading to learn more.

Hot Cross Buns

Not surprisingly, the symbolic cross that decorates these fruit buns has its origins in the Biblical story of the crucifixion. Easter is, after all, a distinctly Christian holiday. For centuries, Christians have chosen Easter Sunday as the day to celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection from the dead.  

The tradition of baking and sharing hot cross buns at Easter dates back to the Tudor times. During this time, fruit buns were considered a special treat, only prepared for special occasions. Not only is it important how you decorate the buns, but also when you prepare them. Traditional hot cross buns should be cooked on Good Friday. Legend has it that hot cross buns that are properly prepared on Good Friday will keep all year without ever growing moldy.

Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake may not be one of the more well-known Easter traditions, but it certainly has an interesting history.

The cake is created with a layer of marzipan. There are to be 11 marzipan balls also included on the top of the cake. These 11 balls each represent the 11 apostles of the Biblical story. But wait! Weren’t there 12 apostles? Ah! Judas, the 12th apostle that betrayed Jesus before his death, is left out on purpose.

Roasted Lamb

Let’s get down to the meat of the matter with a traditional Easter roasted lamb. The lamb is an important symbol in Christianity. This symbol takes on more significance around Easter as we turn our minds toward Jesus, who was considered to be the sacrificial lamb spoken of in the Old Testament.


You can’t very well celebrate Easter without a few carrots. I mean, what would the Easter Bunny have for lunch? Because of Easter’s strong association with bunnies and because of bunnies’ strong association with carrots, it just makes sense to incorporate carrots into our Easter menus. Glazed carrots, carrot salad, carrot cake. So many options to choose from.

Baked Ham

Hams were often associated with good luck and plentiful times in the ancient world. Today, Americans often enjoy baked ham as an essential part of Easter dinners.

Currant Biscuits

Biscuits shaped like bunnies have special significance around Easter, and currant biscuits are especially enjoyed this time of year.

Boiled Eggs

It just wouldn’t be Easter without several dozens of boiled eggs. How did the egg gain so much Easter prominence, though? This little protein is often associated with fertility and new life. Two themes that run strong in springtime. To Christians, the egg is also an easy analogy for the tomb. It at first appeared to be empty, but then, Jesus came forth with new life.

Three More Tasty Easter Treats

Don’t forget these tasty Easter treats, which have found their place in Easter symbolism thanks to good, old-fashioned American candy marketing: Jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and Peeps!

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