Why Shop Local?

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As an American consumer, you have a lot of spending options. From big-box stores to online purchases to mom-and-pop shops, the options for shopping are nearly limitless. So where is the best place to spend your hard-earned dollars? Why shop local?

Shopping at your local meat shops, delis, butchers and bakeries offers several advantages. As you plan your next shopping excursion, consider the following advantages of shopping local.

Local means fresh

Think about where the food comes from that you’re buying at the store. At some places, it may have traveled halfway around the world to get your cart. At your local market, the farmer probably picked the food from the field a couple miles away just this week. The butcher at local meat shops probably just sliced the cold cuts that morning. If you want fresh food, the best way to get it is to shop local.

Shopping local boosts the local economy

Why send your money to other communities or companies overseas? Keep the funds in your hometown. When you shop local, you support your local economy. This stimulates more jobs in your city and helps build the community, so it prospers and thrives. This makes your town more desirable, which improves property values, which in turn further improves the economy.

You can support your neighbors

Local meat shops employ local people, sell locally-grown and -produced items and serve local residents like yourself. By shopping local, you’re supporting your neighbors. You’re helping the people of your community make a living and support their families.

It’s environmentally-friendly

When you shop local, you reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are consumed by driving. Shopping at local markets, such as local meat shops, also reduces the amount of packaging that is required, so you produce less waste and landfill trash.

Shopping local is fun

Getting groceries doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Local meat shops offer familiar faces, locally-grown, fresh food and an inviting atmosphere. You can’t get the same experience at non-local shops. You’re likely to receive better service, because the owner is directly involved in shop operations, which leads us to the next reason to shop local.

You can meet the owner

Why shop local? It may give you the opportunity to meet the business owner. You can get more personalized service and even provide feedback that may affect future decisions about product offerings and prices. The owner of a local business is personally invested in the success of the store and customer satisfaction, so he or she often develops relationships with customers that are beneficial to both you and the business.

Visit your local meat shop

As a family owned and operated business, Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats has served the community of Williamsport since 1977. Stop in and see us for fresh cut meats, homemade baked goods, fresh vegetables and more. You’ll find friendly faces and great products every time you visit. Come by today to start taking advantage of the many benefits of shopping local.

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