Propane vs. Charcoal: Which Is Best for Grilling?

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There’s something about food cooked over an open flame that just can’t be duplicated with any other cooking method. Maybe it’s the char of the fats in meat or the high heat caramelizing the sugars in vegetables. When it comes to grilling in Williamsport, PA, there’s no question that it will make your food delicious. The only question you need to consider is about charcoal versus propane.

There are many benefits to both charcoal and propane grilling. Each method also has its downsides. Things to consider include flavor, cooking time, control, cleanup, and cost of charcoal vs. propane in Williamsport, PA. Here are some details to help you choose which method of grilling is best for you.


The cost of charcoal vs. propane in Williamsport, PA can be a factor when choosing a grilling method. While charcoal grills are relatively inexpensive as far as a cooking appliance goes, gas grills can get quite pricy; however, a charcoal grill will cost more to use, as charcoal is more expensive than propane for daily use. If you do a lot of grilling, propane may save you money in the long run.


There’s something incredibly primal about cooking meat on the grill, and charcoal is the most primal way to do it. This is the way our ancestors cooked their meat, and it’s still in use today, which speaks to the effectiveness and the flavor of the food cooked over coals. Food cooked on a charcoal grill will have a more smoky, outdoorsy taste. When fat drips off the meat, it vaporizes and sends some of that flavorful smoke into the meat. With propane grills, this fat usually hits a ceramic or metal slab covering the flames, which produces more steam and results in meat with more moisture rather than smoky flavor.


There’s a difference in cooking time between charcoal and propane grilling. This is largely because charcoal takes about 20 minutes to preheat (and requires a little bit of skill to do it right). Propane grills, on the other hand, turn on with the push of a button and the turn of a knob.

Why not both?

There are pros and cons to both charcoal and propane grilling, but the good thing is, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one method. Some grills can be used with either charcoal or propane, so you can choose what’s best for the moment. And it’s not a bad idea to have a charcoal grill in addition to a gas grill—it might come in handy to have another grill ready for other foods should you decide to slow-cook a giant beef brisket for hours on end.

While the battle of charcoal versus propane in Williamsport, PA may never truly be over, the decision of where to get the best quality meats to throw on the grill has long been decided. When you are looking for the best selection and quality of meat for grilling, visit Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats today.

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