How to Create the Perfect Picnic

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Packing up your favorite foods and heading to the park for a picnic is a fantastic way to spend a pleasant afternoon. However, the perfect picnic in Williamsport, PA can’t happen without a little preparation and careful thought! This post will cover a few things to consider to ensure you have the best possible picnic.

Packing your basket

Food and drinks are far from the only things you’ll need to pack in your picnic basket. Don’t forget to bring plates, cups, utensils, napkins and anything else you’ll need to fully enjoy your meal. It’s also not a bad idea to pack a lightweight tray to balance everything when you’re not eating or drinking.

Storage tips

What would be a perfect picnic in Williamsport, PA can go south quickly if you open up the basket to find a bunch of spilled food. Be sure all of your containers are airtight before placing them in the basket. It’s also a good idea to store dressings or condiments in their own smaller containers to avoid getting your dishes soggy.

Food safety

Nothing ruins a picnic faster than getting a foodborne illness—not even ants! Be sure that any food items that are normally stored in the fridge are covered in plenty of ice in your picnic basket. Additionally, don’t set everything out as soon as you arrive at your destination. Instead, keep everything in your basket on ice for as long as possible.

Main dishes

There’s no right or wrong main course for a picnic, but to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the dish, we advise packing something that’s easy to divide up. You can also consider making sandwiches for everyone, but that can be a bit more time consuming.

Salads and sides

A sandwich or two won’t fill everyone up, so you’ll need to prepare at least one side dish or a salad to go along with your main course. Pasta and potato salads are classic picnic recipes because they travel well and are relatively easy to make. If you’re bringing a salad, keep it cold for as long as possible to avoid any wilting.


The perfect picnic basket in Williamsport, PA wouldn’t be complete without bringing a dessert for everyone to enjoy. Brownies and cookies are good choices because they’re lightweight and easy to hand out once everyone has finished their main course.


A hot summer’s day requires a cold, refreshing beverage. Even if they’re not homemade, ice tea and lemonade are always a hit at a family picnic. If you’re bringing a bottle of wine for the adults, don’t forget to pack the corkscrew!

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