Why We Eat Ham on Easter

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Have you ever wondered why we eat ham on Easter? A quality ham always takes center stage for a scrumptious Easter meal—it’s a centuries-old tradition. If you plan on holding an Easter gathering in Williamsport, PA, here’s a little history about Easter hams and why they’re such an important holiday tradition.

Ham is readily available at this time of year

Why do we eat ham for Easter? Whether you’re hosting family, friends or both for your Easter gathering in Williamsport, PA, a tasty Easter ham is the cornerstone of a great afternoon or evening meal. People have been enjoying ham for the holiday for centuries because it’s readily available and full of flavor during this time of year. The meat is cured throughout the fall and winter, and it’s ready to be enjoyed by the time spring rolls around. Since this time of year is when the meat is freshest and tastiest, it only makes sense to feature it as your main course for your Easter meal.

Different preparations yield tasty results

Cooking an Easter ham might look much different in Williamsport, PA than in other parts of the country. You’re likely used to “city ham,” which you can find in supermarkets and specialty meat shops. They’re prepared following a wet curing method, which makes the meat especially moist and tender.

In other parts of the country, particularly the South, hams are usually prepared using the “country” method. The ham is dry rubbed with salt and seasonings, smoked and then aged to perfection to preserve the flavors. It’s a saltier ham that’s a little less moist than city hams. At your next Easter gathering, try preparing both hams and see which one your guests like best!

You can adjust the flavors with the right glaze

When you buy a ham from your local grocery store, it usually comes with a packet of glaze. If you want the best flavors, it’s smart to forget about the packet and make your own glaze from scratch or buy a better ham from a specialty meat shop. If you’re in the mood to get creative and make your own glaze, interesting ingredients like pineapple, marmalade and even root beer can give your ham a uniquely delicious taste.

Ham is great for leftovers

Easter hams are also popular because they stay fresh in the refrigerator for days after your holiday gathering—that is, if there’s any left! Cooked ham is versatile—it’s one of the big reasons why we eat ham on Easter. There are many creative uses to ensure that none of your delicious ham goes to waste. You can reheat it and eat it on its own or incorporate it into other tasty dishes like egg casserole, ham salad and more. Make one big ham for the holiday and you can eat for a week!

Celebrate the season in Williamsport, PA with delicious Easter hams. Choosing the right ham can turn your holiday meal into a memorable one, for all the right reasons. Contact Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats today to reserve your ham and start planning your Easter festivities.

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