National Eat a Hoagie Day Is September 14, and We’ve Got You Covered!

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Everyone loves a good food holiday, and one in particular is big for our team at Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats. National Eat a Hoagie Day comes but once a year, and our team members have been working to make sure this year’s is one for the record books. We’re not letting the COVID-19 pandemic stop us from providing the highest level of service and the best quality cold cuts and meats around. Hoagies are serious business in Williamsport, PA, and you want to make sure you’re working with the best—we’ll get you ready to party!

What is a hoagie, anyway?

If you’re looking for easy dinner recipes for your family in Williamsport, PA, you really can’t do much better than a hoagie. Although this great sandwich is known by many different regional names (grinder, sub, hero, etc.), the hoagie is our favorite term for it. At its essence, you’re talking about a long sub roll that’s cut lengthwise. It’s then usually filled with meats, ranging from turkey to roast beef to ham to bologna—the possibilities are endless, and recipes for hoagies in Williamsport, PA are limited only by your imagination.

On top of that quality deli meat, you’re going to add cheese, veggies like tomatoes and lettuce and any type of condiment you can think of—we love oil and mustard ourselves (although maybe not at the same time).

How can I join in the fun?

National Eat a Hoagie Day is truly a holiday of the people, and we want everyone in our neighborhood and the surrounding area to celebrate it with us. We offer a number of services to make sure you and your family are eating well on September 14. Our catering is first class, so if you’re in the market for feeding the entire extended family (socially distanced, of course), we offer some of the best menu options around. There’s really something for everyone, so be sure to take a look at our offerings and you’ll be the hero of the party.

What about COVID-19?

Like most businesses, we have not been unaffected by the times we currently live in thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. We want you to feel confident knowing you’re in good hands when you put your trust in us. That’s why we’re proud to continue offering no-contact ordering—you can either pick up your order in the canopied loading area in our convenient parking lot, or we can deliver your food for an additional $5 fee. No matter which route you go, you can rest assured that our staff is following any and all precautions to maintain a safe and fun experience for all.

Eating a hoagie in Williamsport, PA is something you should be doing regularly anyway, but National Eat a Hoagie Day gives you the perfect excuse! Let Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats put our top-quality ingredients and our professional staff to work for you, and let’s work together to make this fun holiday one for the record books!

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