Grill the Ultimate Hot Dog This Summer

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With summer in full swing, you’ve probably already grilled your share of hot dogs for the family cookout, Fourth of July party or other neighborhood barbecue or event. Hot dog grilling in Williamsport, PA is at an all-time high in the summer months. But how good were those hot dogs? Grocery store-bought hot dogs and meat cooked too quickly on too-high heat can only be so good. While the kids might gobble them down, you probably realize that something is missing. Check out our top tips on grilling the ultimate, perfect hot dog before summer is over:

  • Buy better quality meat: The first step in elevating your hot dog game is to buy better quality meat. Leave the chain grocery store and stop by Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats for natural, grass-fed, grain-finished, hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats. We have several great hot dog brands for grilling, including Berks Jumbo Black Angus All Beef Hot Dogs, Berks Fiesta Jalapeño & Cheese Hot Dogs and John F. Martin & Sons All-Beef Hot Dogs. Depending on your tastes and preferences, we have the quality meats and varieties that will excite your taste buds. Plus, our knowledgeable staff is friendly and available to answer any questions!
  • Avoid too-high heat: The biggest mistake when hot dog grilling in Williamsport, PA is cooking at too high of a heat. Many grillers are cooking for a lot of people and are trying to get as many hot dogs done as possible as quickly as they can, resulting in cooking at too high a temperature. They’ll end up burned and shriveled and be tough and taste like ash. They may also burn or split open, which wastes a lot of juicy flavor. At the highest heat, they’ll be charred on the outside while still cold on the inside.
  • Avoid too-low heat: The opposite end of the spectrum will also result in poor hot dog grilling in Williamsport, PA. Hot dogs cooked over heat that is too low will take much too long and won’t develop the crispy skin on the outside that creates that lovely, juicy texture when you bite into them.
  • Cook on medium heat: Medium heat is just right for grilling the perfect hot dog. Keep half the grill on medium heat and the other half unheated, if possible. For a gas grill, you’ll only turn on half the burners. For a charcoal grill, keep the coals on one side. Then, place the hot dogs on the grill and watch them. Keep turning them for those perfect grill marks on all sides. When they start to expand, they’re ready. Don’t wait until they’re sputtering. As they expand, move them over to the unheated part of the grill while you wait for the others to finish.
  • Toast the buns: When you’ve moved all your finished hot dogs to the cooler side of your grill, use the warmth of the heated side to toast the buns. The buns will only take about a minute to toast, so be careful not to leave them too long.
  • Serve immediately: For best results, serve immediately! Place the hot dogs in the buns so the juices absorb into the bun and eat them right away, straight from the grill.

For the best quality produce and meats, visit Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats. We have the freshest foods and highest quality produce that will take your hot dog grilling in Williamsport, PA to the next level.

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