It’s the Season for Pumpkins and Apples in Williamsport, PA!

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Nothing says fall like pumpkins and apple pie in Williamsport, PA. As you look around, it’s hard to miss all the delicious reds, greens and yellows coming out of the apple orchards and the plump orange pumpkins streaming off the vines. What’s the best way to enjoy these fall treats? Head to your local deli for apples in Williamsport, PA!

Apples in Williamsport, PA

Remember Bubba Gump and his shrimp dishes? Apples are just as versatile, and you can enjoy them in a variety of ways at your local deli. At Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats, we have homegrown apples that are ideal for fall recipes.

What apple dishes are you craving this fall? Have you enjoyed a seasonal apple pie yet? Apple crisps are a delicious choice. Apple cider donuts are always a favorite. Of course, you can wash all this down with some tasty apple cider.

There’s almost no limit to the number of satisfying treats you can savor from our homegrown apples. Of course, if you prefer pumpkin spice, there’s no shortage of that either.

Pumpkins in Williamsport, PA

You know fall has arrived when pumpkin foods start to appear on the menu. This traditional taste of fall makes the season complete. It’s also just as versatile as apples. Try our unique pumpkin dips, delicious pumpkin pie and a variety of other treats. Whether you want to enjoy a seasonal favorite at home, need a crowd-pleaser for a party or want to boost morale at the office, our pumpkin options are sure to be a hit.

And, don’t forget, pumpkins are good for more than desserts! Toast pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack. Use pumpkin to flavor drinks. Make a traditional pumpkin bread for a flavorful side dish with dinner. If you prefer pumpkins after a meal, remember they make more than pie. Have you ever had a pumpkin cheesecake? If not, you’re missing out!

Apples vs. Pumpkins

With so many options available from each of these foods, it’s hard to choose. Which is the better choice for your next dessert? What will best enhance your next meal? Which one will leave smiles on the faces of your family and guests?

There’s good news: you don’t have to choose! At Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats, we have an abundance of apple and pumpkin offerings to keep your meals, snacks and gatherings in season. Find treats of both varieties to give your family or employees a great taste of fall this year, or treat yourself to one of your personal favorites.

Apples and Pumpkins Galore

When you want the best seasonal foods for your friends and family, stop in at Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats. Find delicious pumpkin pie in Williamsport, PA as well as tasty apples. Contact our staff to discover what treats we are offering this week. You’re sure to find something satisfying to brighten your seasonal menu and satisfy your fall cravings. Reach out to us today with any questions or to make arrangements for your next apple and pumpkin extravaganza.

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