Ideas for Packing Healthy School Lunches

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School is back in session, and chances are your children are already getting sick of the same old peanut butter and jelly sandwich in their bag every day. So how can you switch it up a little bit while still making sure the lunch they’re getting is healthy?

Here are some tips to help you give them new options or put some new spins on old classics, whether it’s by using deli meats, fruit platters or cookies in Williamsport, PA:

  • Tuna sandwich: You can either make a classic tuna sandwich or add a twist with some extra ingredients or shapes to the sandwich. Add some baby carrots with low-fat ranch dip, a quarter cup of goldfish crackers and a piece of fruit, such as a small plum or a pear, and you’ve got a balanced, healthy lunch.
  • Pretzel kabobs: Here’s a meal you probably haven’t made for your child before. Take ham, turkey and cheese and roll it all up together, then skewer it with pretzel sticks. It’s a good burst of protein with fewer carbs than you’d find in a sandwich. We like to serve it with shelled edamame as a good vegetable side, sliced fruits or mandarin oranges, and a simple, small dessert, such as a fat-free pudding.
  • Breakfast for lunch: Another great way to switch up school lunches for your kids is to introduce breakfast time meals into their lunch. Hard-boiled eggs are more than capable of surviving the morning—you can slice up some hard boiled eggs and serve them with crackers or miniature whole-grain waffles. Slice up some vegetables that go great with breakfasts, such as bell peppers and cherry tomatoes, and some simple fruits and berries, and you’ve got a great meal going. Buy a fruit platter in Williamsport, PA to avoid having to do a bunch of chopping!
  • Finger foods: Who’s to say every lunch needs a sandwich or a “main” course? String cheese, whole wheat crackers, any combination of vegetables, fruits and berries and carbs in the form of flavored breads are all great ways to deliver a lunch that gives lots of great snacky options.
  • Mexican inspired lunch: Have a kid who loves tacos, nachos or chips and salsa? You can create a healthy Mexican inspired lunch for them with whole-grain tortilla chips and pico de gallo or a healthy (even homemade) salsa. Again, cut-up fruits are a great side option here—consider melon wedges.
  • PB&J shakeup: Looking for a twist on PB&J? Try putting it on a whole wheat miniature bagel instead of two slides of bread. You can use the same types of sides you’d typically use for a PB&J lunch, including fruits and veggies and oatmeal cookies.
  • Pizza: Have some leftover pizza? Take a slice and cut it up into small squares, and balance it with some vegetables and hummus and some grapes.

We have plenty more ideas to help you give your children healthy options for lunch that don’t resemble the same thing they’ve been having day after day. For more tips about getting the most out of your lunch foods and deli meats in Williamsport, PA, contact Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats today.

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