Ideas for Hearty Meals Your Family Will Appreciate

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Have you ever heard the word “hearty” used to describe a meal before? What exactly does that refer to?

Usually a hearty meal is something that is comforting, warm and satisfying. Meals described as “hearty” are typically healthy and nourishing, using wholesome and natural ingredients. Certain types of soups, for example, are frequently referred to as hearty, especially if they are more vegetable and bean than broth.

Fortunately, you can find all kinds of ingredients for hearty meals at your local deli or bakery in Williamsport, PA. Here are just a few examples of hearty meals you can cook for your family that they will appreciate:

  • Rosemary and lemon chicken minestrone soup: It only takes about 30 minutes to put together this delicious soup. A squeeze of lemon gives it a very bright, pleasant aftertaste that counterbalances some of the heaviness of its ingredients. It’s a twist on the classic minestrone soup that is bound to go over well in your home.
  • Mini meat loaves: Miniature meat loaves are great, personalized items that are outstanding when paired with mashed potatoes and a legume such as lentils. Canned lentils have a lot of nutritional value and require extremely little preparation. Mini meat loaves tend to be a big hit with kids especially, who enjoy eating them and love the general idea of having a meat loaf that’s been created specially for them. Buy your ground beef at your local deli in Williamsport, PA!
  • Moussaka shepherd’s pie: Who doesn’t love a good shepherd’s pie? Now you can add a twist to this classic recipe by using roasted eggplant instead of the traditional lamb filling. The result: a vegetable-packed treat that still has a delicious mashed potato top.
  • Vegetarian chili: You don’t need to use ground beef in your chili for it to be a satisfying dish on brisk days. A quick Google search will provide you with countless results for vegetarian chilis that will give you just as much satisfaction as a chili with meat. Certain blends of vegetables will go well with certain spices, so you can make many different kinds of vegetable chili and experiment a bit.
  • Chicken pot pie: Perhaps the most comforting of comfort food, this is a dish you can easily make with leftover chicken, or a rotisserie chicken you pick up from the store. Coat the vegetables in gravy and hide them under a crust, and then cook it all up to give it a nice golden tinge that is crispy and satisfying. Many people have their own family chicken pot pie recipes, so why not create one of your own?
  • Chicken noodle soup: Chicken noodle soup is perhaps the classic American soup. If you have time to cook and shred the chicken yourself, you’ll be richly rewarded for it when the soup is done. But you can even use a rotisserie chicken (similarly to the pot pie) and get outstanding results as well. Consider the kind of noodle you’ll use and the vegetables you’ll add in to the meal.

There are plenty more examples of great hearty meals including veggie-packed delicacies, soup and steak in Williamsport, PA. For more information and ideas, contact Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats today!

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