Five Deliciously Chilled Salads for These Hot Summer Days

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If you’re like us, there are a lot of days in the summer where you simply don’t feel like cooking, because it’s just too hot. After all, who really wants to set their oven to 400 degrees when it already feels like an oven outside?

Instead, consider cooling yourself off with a refreshing, chilled salad. There are countless examples of cold salads of varying levels of complexity that you can find online. They make a great addition when you need food catering in Williamsport, PA for a special event. Here are just some examples of our favorites:

  • Chickpea, avocado and sundried tomato: The three main ingredients are already listed for you, but you can add in some shredded cabbage, pitted black olives, avocado, some chopped onion, a couple pinches of fresh chopped parsley and top it all off with some salt and extra virgin olive oil. The result is a healthy, refreshing summer salad that is easy to put together and will be a hit with everyone in your household.
  • Asian chicken salad: This salad has a little something for everyone, even the picky eaters in your house! In a large bowl, combine romaine lettuce (torn into pieces) with some cooked, chopped chicken, as well as chopped green onions, slivered almonds (optional: cooked in a pan with some oil and sugar to make them extra delicious!) and some dry noodles. Pour on a dressing consisting of soy sauce, sesame oil and rice vinegar, and top with segments of mandarin oranges. It’s a great Asian flavor with familiar ingredients that even less-adventurous eaters are likely to love. Plus, it’s great on a hot day!
  • Watermelon, tomato and cheese: This is a less-traditional type of salad that will provide an unmatched level of refreshment on a hot day. Cut up some watermelon into cubes or balls, and halve some cherry or grape tomatoes. Combine the watermelon and tomatoes with some minced scallions and goat cheese (can substitute gorgonzola, Roquefort or Stilton cheese), garnish with cilantro or parsley, and voila, a delicious summer snack!
  • Apple chicken salad: Here’s another salad that’ll give you a serving of protein while being nice and cool and refreshing. Cube some chicken and cook it, then stir together the chicken in a medium bowl with some chopped apple (your favorite variety), sliced celery and raisins. In another small bowl, whisk together a mixture of Italian dressing and brown sugar, then pour it over the chicken mixture and toss. Serve the mixture on top of lettuce leaves, and if you wish, sprinkle nuts over the top.
  • Mexican egg salad: You’ve almost certainly had egg salad before, but here’s a twist to the classic recipe that will really hit the spot on a hot summer’s day. Hard boil six eggs and chop them up, then mix with minced celery, minced pickle, salt, dry mustard, ground cumin, white pepper and a teaspoon of vinegar. Add mayonnaise to moisten and serve it on top of salad greens. It’s an extra-spicy version of a longtime favorite!

For more cool salad ideas for the summer, contact our lunch catering team in Williamsport, PA.

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