Why Should You Have Your Family Reunion Catered?

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With the nicer spring and summer weather finally arriving to Pennsylvania, we’ve reached the season of barbecues, graduation parties, outdoor birthday parties and, of course, family reunions.

At any family reunion, you can expect food to be a major focal point. Everyone in attendance is likely to have their own favorite dish, which means the larger the family reunion, the more taste buds you need to satisfy. While some people prefer to do potluck-style family reunions, this can be difficult for family members who are traveling from much farther away, and it also requires a lot more coordination on the part of the people organizing the event.

With this in mind, we highly recommend you have your family reunion catered by a catering service in Williamsport, PA this summer. Here are just a few reasons why you should do so:

  • It’ll cut down on stress: Perhaps the biggest reason to cater your family reunion is that it removes a huge potential source of stress you’d otherwise have to deal with in planning the event. Chances are, you’re stressed out enough having to worry about getting a venue for the event, helping people with their travel and lodging plans and perhaps even hosting relatives in your house. That’s a lot of work already without having to think about the food for the event. Let a team of professional caterers handle it, and you can at least maintain a little bit of your sanity!
  • It can save you money: Depending on the catering package you choose, you can probably save quite a bit of money versus having to buy and prepare all the food yourself. This is especially true as you go up in volume. The more food you need, the more you’re able to save by going with a caterer.
  • You can tailor the menu to your family: Your family reunion is likely to encompass a wide variety of tastes and personalities. Caterers are skilled in working with large groups to accommodate all food preferences, meaning you can create a menu your relatives will love. If food allergies are an issue, you can work with your caterer to make sure those needs are taken care of. Plus, if you have relatives that like to bring along a special item, they’re still more than welcome to do so!
  • You can create different styles of meals: Whether you’re looking for a buffet or a more formal sit-down dinner, you can turn the entire operation of the meal over to your catering service and they’ll handle it seamlessly.
  • You can spend more time visiting with family: The entire point of a family reunion is to get together when loved ones you don’t see very often and spend some quality time with them. It’s hard to do this if you’re worried about planning the logistics of an event, or making all of the food! Working with a caterer makes it easier for you to get the quality family time you’ve been looking forward to.

For more information about our catering services in Williamsport, PA, contact Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats today.

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