Myth: The Liquid at the Bottom of a Meat Package Is Blood

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It’s a common misconception that the liquid that accumulates at the bottom of a package of meat is blood. Thankfully, that just simply isn’t true! This is just one of the many myths most people believe about the food that they purchase and eat. It’s important for consumers to remain informed about the foods that they eat, and the ways that they interact with their bodies.

The liquid that occasionally accumulates inside of a meat package is called “purge.” It’s not actually blood—it’s simply water that the meat was holding, coupled with several different types of meat proteins.

Most cuts of meat from your butcher in Williamsport, PA consist of 75 percent water. As meat ages or is handled, it begins to shrink, forcing the water out. One of the proteins that seeps out with the water is myoglobin, which accounts for the purge’s red coloration.

Purge should be treated just like meat—it can carry the same bacteria, since it is coming from inside the cut of meat. Purge should be safely disposed of, and after handling it, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and hot water. When cooked, however, purge is perfectly safe. In some recipes, it can even be used to make broths more flavorful.

Here are a few other common food myths that should be debunked:

  • Eating after 6:00 p.m. is bad for you: Many diet plans use this notorious and unhelpful piece of advice. The timing of what you eat matters less than the content of what you eat. For instance, eating a bag of potato chips will be bad for you, regardless of the time of day at which you consume it.
  • All fats will lead to weight gain: Did you know that your body needs fat to survive? Certain fat contents are not only necessary, but actually good for you! Healthy fats are found in meats, fish and natural cooking oils, like olive oil and coconut oil. It’s important to consider the source of the fats in your diet.
  • Brown eggs are more nutritious: Contrary to popular belief, white eggs aren’t white due to bleaching. The only thing that determines an egg’s color is the breed of the chicken that laid it. White eggs are just as nutritious as brown eggs. If you are concerned about the content of your eggs, you should consider purchasing them from a local source.
  • Dark bread is healthier than white bread: Similarly to eggs, many people believe that dark bread is more healthful and nutritious than its white counterpart. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies capitalize on this belief by adding caramel coloring to white bread. Instead, you should look for bread with whole grains.

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