Delicious Foods You Must Have Ready This Easter Holiday

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Brunches and dinners are often the centerpieces of Easter celebrations for many families across the United States. If you’re still in need of a great idea for your Easter meal, we’ve got you covered with a few suggestions that will work for brunch, lunch or dinner.

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Brunch and lunch

Most people think coffee cake and egg bakes when they think of Sunday brunch. But why not try out something a little more unique for your special Easter Sunday meal? Here are a few ideas:

  • French toast casserole: This is a pretty easy and sweet breakfast dish that your entire family will love. Let it cook overnight and enjoy every last buttery bite the next morning—it’ll make 16 servings, so there’s plenty for everyone!
  • Mini quiche Lorraine biscuits: You can combine a pair of favorite pastries to make these savory little morsels that are perfect for an Easter brunch. Add cheese, ham and spinach on top and they’ll look almost as good as they taste.
  • Blueberry crumble bars: Everyone loves blueberry coffee cake, but these bars are a bit of a twist on a brunch staple. Create some blueberry crumble breakfast bars that are packed with granola and organic blueberry jam, and you’ll have a treat that is relatively healthy and also filling for a sweet breakfast option.


The real star of the show in the kitchen and dining room on Easter Sunday is the dinner you’ve prepared. There are a wide variety of Easter dinner options, ranging from the ultra-traditional to the new and modern, and you can always serve some tasty Easter cookies in Williamsport, PA at the conclusion of the meal. Here are a few ideas for you to bring into your kitchen:

  • Honey-glazed ham: Is there anything more “Easter” than a ham dinner? There are all sorts of ways you can prepare a ham for Easter, but with this one, you can glaze the exterior with honey, and make sure to line the roasting pan with foil for easier cleanup. It will add a sweet, delicious flavor to an already mouth-watering staple of the holiday.
  • Roasted lamb: Lamb is probably second only to ham for the most traditional Easter dinners. There is a wide variety of ways to prepare your lamb, but roasting is typically the preferred method. You can serve a roasted rack of lamb or leg of lamb—and make sure to include some herbs for the perfect flavoring! Served with some gravy and a side of potatoes, you can’t ask for much more out of a main course.
  • Garlic prime rib: Prime rib is a delicious meal on any occasion that has a sense of grandeur to it. Smother it in garlic and cook it with potatoes, carrots and onions and you’ll have a delicious meal to share with family and friends.

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