Five Reasons Why Soup Is the Best Cold-Weather Food!

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Is there anything better than a piping-hot bowl of soup on a freezing winter’s day? Digging into a delightful tomato bisque or a hearty New England clam chowder is a great way to lift your spirits and give you a full belly. When it comes to soup in the winter, these are just a couple of the many reasons why it’s the perfect food. Let’s take a look at five reasons you should order soup the next time you’re looking for lunch at your local deli in Williamsport, PA this winter:

  • The best thing about soup in the winter? The warmth! A hot bowl of soup is sure to warm you right up, even when the thermometer has dipped into the negative numbers. Hot soup warms your body from within, giving you a core warmth that’s sure to spread to every part of your body. There’s a reason they call winter soup season!
  • Got a cold? Sore throat? Grab a bowl of soup! Soup is soothing when it comes to illnesses for a number of reasons. Not only will its warmth help you open up those nasal passages, but spices and other ingredients can quell your stuffiness, ease throat pain, release pressure and more. Plus, soup is gentle—there aren’t any volatile ingredients that might make you sick or upset your stomach.
  • Soup is quick and easy to make, which is ideal for those days when you’re just lacking in motivation. Winter does it to us all: lethargy, sluggishness and even a downtrodden mood. All of these things can leave us looking for quick and easy solutions to hunger. Instead of grabbing something unhealthy, warm up a bowl of soup and make a good decision that’s also easy to make!
  • There’s not always a great variety of food options in the winter. You can’t exactly grill out in the middle of a snowstorm, and it might not be safe to drive to your favorite Italian joint for pasta. Thankfully, there’s always soup. From minestrone to chowder, chicken noodle to wild rice, there’s virtually no end to the different types of soup out there. You can eat soup for every meal and still never have the same thing twice in a week!
  • Didn’t finish your entire bowl of tomato soup? Want a good pairing for your club sandwich? Soup is easy to reheat and can be paired with just about any meal, making it a great way to get yourself fed fast. It takes just minutes to warm up a bowl of soup in the microwave or on the stove, and in the time it takes you to do so, you’ll have a hearty complement to your meal. Yesterday’s soup is tomorrow’s side.

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