Don’t Forget the Side Dishes for Your Christmas Dinner!

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Your Christmas or holiday dinner is fast approaching, and you’re likely thinking about the main course you’ll be serving and what kind of cleaning you’ll need to do to get your home in tip-top condition before guests arrive. But as you make your plans for the big event, don’t forget to determine what side dishes you’ll be serving.

Working with a catering service in Williamsport, PA makes this process easy. Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats offers homemade cranberry relish, a side dish that’s sure to be popular at your Christmas dinner. In addition to offering your guests fresh cranberry relish, you can also share a bit of cranberry-related history.

For example, the first mentions of cranberry sauce recipes, made of water and sugar by Native Americans, can be traced to the mid-to-late 17th century. Multiple reports show cranberry sauce being served in addition to turkey or other meat by the 18th century.

The first actual cranberry sauce recipe is believed to be from Amelia Simmons’ 1796 cookbook, American Cookery, which suggests that readers prepare roast turkey to serve with onions and cranberry sauce.

Later, around the early 19th century, cranberries were dry harvested from vines, a lengthy and detailed method. Some years later, in the 1930s, the company Ocean Spray began harvesting cranberries in a new way, referred to as wet harvesting. You’ve likely seen images of farmers standing in a bog filled with cranberries, which is part of the wet harvesting process.

Cranberries became a more practical menu item once this process was introduced, as workers could simply gather the cranberries from the top of the bog rather than spend considerable amounts of time pulling cranberries from vines, thus making harvesting much quicker.

Once you’ve checked cranberry relish off your list when ordering from Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats, don’t miss our wide selection of main dish items, like ham, and other essential menu items, like rolls, pies, spreads and more!

Beyond our traditional holiday dinner items, some of our popular items include boneless chicken breast, broccoli and cheese casserole, cheese ravioli, lasagna, pasta salad and scalloped potatoes. We are proud to use only fresh meat that is also natural, grass fed, grain finished, hormone-free and antibiotic-free. We also make and prepare all of our trays, spreads, entrées and platters in-store to guarantee that our customers receive the freshest products possible!

Whether you’re looking for a catering service in Williamsport, PA that offers cranberry relish, ham, rolls, pies or spreads (or all of the above!) or a variety of other side dish items for your Christmas dinner, Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats is your go-to destination. We have been the area’s premier fresh and local market and grocer for 40 years and are proud to be family owned and operated.

In addition to Christmas and the winter holidays, we can provide catering for weddings, business events, graduations, funerals, parties and other special occasions. We also deliver business lunches up to 20 miles from our location for more than six people. We customize each order and prepare all items fresh. Let us help you make your Christmas dinner one to remember!

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