Six Tips from a Catering Service in Williamsport, PA to Help You Host a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

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As you may know, Thanksgiving is considered by many to be the biggest food day of the year. For those of us hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, there will no doubt be a lot of food prep and house cleaning to do. Want to impress your guests? Here are some tips from a catering service in Williamsport, PA for hosting a successful Thanksgiving dinner:

  • Make lists: Thanksgiving is going to be a busy time, so write down your lists early! You may think you can remember every detail of your dinner, until you forget something important. Write out a grocery store list and leave it on the table for easy editing—add and cross off items as needed. You also want to make a list of your dinner guests so you know how much food you’ll need to buy.
  • Grocery shop early: There are several good reasons to do your Thanksgiving grocery store shopping early. For one thing, you will avoid headache-inducing Thanksgiving weekend crowds. Since there will be more people doing last-minute food shopping, stores could sell out of the items you need.
  • Prep, prep, prep: One of the most stressful parts of Thanksgiving is getting dinner on the table at the time you said it would be ready. To save time, you can set the table the night before, prep ingredients, bake pies and bread in the morning and make a few side dishes in advance. You might even think about cooking and carving the turkey the day before to free up oven space on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Don’t think you have to make everything: It’s quite all right to buy some of your meal items already made. It means less stress and frees up time for you to socialize with your guests. For instance, you can order pies and fresh bread from a nearby bakery and pick them up the morning of your dinner. Or, pre-order sides from a local deli or caterer so you only have to focus on cooking the turkey, sipping wine and entertaining.
  • Accept help: Don’t think you have to prepare the meal and do everything on your own. If guests offer to bring a side dish or dessert, or to help set the table, prep or clean up, let them!
  • Set out appetizers and drinks: Dinner may be at 5 p.m., but family may begin arriving long before then. To keep them out of the kitchen where you’re cooking—and help them avoid starving until dinner—set up a table for appetizers and drinks in a room away from the prepping area.

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