We Have Our Own Smokehouse! Find Fresh Double Smoked Bacon, Smoked Sausage and More at Our Meat Market in Williamsport, PA

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As we all know, bacon and sausage are popular breakfast food items. Add eggs, fruit, a side of toast and a glass of fresh squeezed juice to make a hearty breakfast that will keep you full all morning. While bacon and sausage are easy to find pre-packaged at any grocery store, you might consider seeking out a market that specializes in fresh and prepared meats. These meats are healthier and made in-house to ensure quality and freshness.

Did you know that Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats has its own smokehouse? It’s true! You will always find fresh double smoked bacon and smoked sausage at our high-quality meat market in Williamsport, PA, so come on by!

What exactly is a smokehouse? Is double smoked bacon better than regular bacon? Why smoked sausage? Read ahead to learn more!


From large commercial grade equipment to small family business owned devices, a smokehouse is a simplified version of the kind of heat processing unit being used today by big companies in the meat industry. Yet, the idea around smoking meats is the same. A smokehouse provides and enclosed area for better control over the smoke level and temperature to ensure your meats—like bacon and sausage—get smoked properly. Good smoking results in mouthwatering meats.

Double smoked bacon

Double smoked bacon has become a popular addition to American cuisine, though it’s been a common food in Poland and Germany for a long time. Here’s a bit more information to get your appetite excited:

  • Needs a longer smoke time: Double smoked bacon requires a longer stay in a wood smoker. The smoke time is about 24 hours, while most commercially produced bacon in this country only spends six hours or less in the smoker. The longer smoking time allows double smoked bacon to form a complex and satisfyingly deep smoky flavor.
  • No need for brine injections: Regular commercially produced bacon receives brine injections for a quick cure, whereas double smoked bacon cures slowly by sitting in a mixture of its own juices and dry spices. It has a thicker, meatier texture, thanks to the lack of extra moisture.
  • The cut is thicker: Since the smoke time is longer, double smoked bacon normally comes from a thicker cut of bacon. Put a typical piece of bacon in a smoker for too long and you’ll be left with a burnt crisp or ashes.

Smoked sausages

Like double smoked bacon, cured sausages are smoked slowly to create a burst of flavor. If you want a long-lasting sausage, get smoked because they don’t need to stay in a cooler, and can be eaten as-is, heated or chopped up cold for use in a variety of dishes.

Whether you need catering for a business luncheon or prepared trays of meat and cheese for a party, look no further than Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats. We are your go-to local meat market in Williamsport, PA offering a wide selection of deli meats, fresh cut meats and smoked meats for every occasion. Let us help you make your next event or dinner party a hit—contact us today!

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