Purchase Fresh Meats from a Butcher in Williamsport, PA for Your Summer Grilling

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As the weather continues to warm up, people will start to do more of the things they love outdoors. One thing a lot of people look forward to during the summer time is inviting friends, family and even neighbors over for a barbecue. Not only is this a great way for people to have some fun in the sun, it is also the perfect opportunity to indulge in some great food—that is, if the host is wise and purchases only fresh meats.

Here’s why it is important for you to purchase fresh meats from a butcher in Williamsport, PA for your summer barbecue:

  • Taste: Burgers, hot dogs, chicken and so much more can be grilled at your barbecue. All of your guests will come with their appetites, but also with the expectation that the food you are cooking up will be delicious. Sometimes, when you purchase meats that have been on the shelf at the grocery store for a few days, the taste isn’t all that great. With fresh meats, you can be sure every bite will be as good as the first.
  • Quality: Whether you are cooking a small meal for just you and your family or having people over, the meat you purchase should be of high quality. This doesn’t just mean that the meat you pick up from the butcher will taste good—you’ll also want to inspect it and make sure it looks good and smells right. Meat that isn’t high quality won’t look or smell like something you want to throw on the grill and feed to people for dinner.
  • Safety: Buying meat that isn’t fresh is a huge safety risk. When meat has been sitting too long, you’ll want to avoid it, because you may put your health in danger. If you’re lucky, you’ll simply get a stomachache that lasts an hour or two, but some people who have had bad, contaminated meat have gotten salmonella or worse. Even if you have to pay a higher price for fresh meat, that will be better than feeding everyone questionable meat and hoping they don’t get sick.
  • Storage: One of the great things about buying fresh meat is that you can pop it in the freezer and store it until the next time you have a cookout or want to have a meal with good quality meat. At the grocery store, the meat is often already close to its expiration date when you purchase it. If you buy something that is close to expiring, you’ll wind up wasting money if you don’t use it all at your barbecue.

Lots of people have several barbecues throughout the summer. It’s the perfect way to soak up some sun, spend time with friends and family and enjoy delicious food. If you decide to have a few people over and fire up the grill, just to be sure the food you serve tastes, looks and smells great, you may want to visit a butcher and buy meats that are fresh.

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