Top Benefits of Business Lunch Catering in Williamsport, PA

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We’ve been told that skipping meals is not healthy—that if we don’t take the time to eat a filling breakfast, we are more likely to suck down everything in sight later in the day. But since many of us don’t have an appetite in the morning, or miss breakfast in order to get to the office on time, the first meal of the day often falls to lunch. So, your lunch needs to be real food—vending machine snacks and donuts from the conference room don’t count as a meal.

Another scenario is being stuck in a business meeting during your lunch hour, and you can’t leave to get food. Instead of watching everyone fight off hunger pangs, call in an order to have fresh lunches delivered directly to the group.

Not sure food delivery is worth it? Here are some benefits of hiring a service to provide business lunch catering in Williamsport, PA for your next big meeting:

  • Convenience: From changed deadlines to last-minute corporate meetings, life in an office is hectic at times. But don’t fret when lunch plans change. Simply call your local catering service, put in an order of business lunch specials for the group and the food will come to you.
  • Variety of food options: Most food services that are serious about their business lunch menu will offer a variety of food options, instead of the standard burger and fries or boring sandwich with nothing on the side. Look at the menu and either order the same tasty meal for the group or let everyone decide what they want.
  • Eat healthy: A catered business lunch is so much healthier than sending an intern to the nearest fast food joint or pizza parlor to grab whatever. Fresh and healthy made-to-order lunches are also great for accommodating individual diets and different ways of eating, as well as folks with food allergies.
  • Hassle-free food prep and setup: When you hire a lunch caterer, you avoid the need to prepare lunches from scratch in the office kitchen. A catering service will have all the meals professionally prepared and packed at their location. All you have to do is make sure everyone gets their lunch.
  • Save time: If you are planning to hold a big business meeting, it’s best to call in a lunch order ahead of time. The food organization and setup duties fall to the caterer, leaving you ample time to do other things to get ready for your meeting.
  • Increased productivity: Treating your team to a healthy lunch every now and then shows how much you appreciate their hard work. When your team is happy and well fed, you can bet productivity will go up.

Whether you have a small group of work friends that likes to eat lunch together every Friday or dozens of business meeting attendees to feed, let Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats give you a hand. Business lunch catering in Williamsport, PA is one of our specialties, and we’re proud to offer a grand lunch menu featuring many delicious items and meals to choose from. Our catering menu ensures there’s something for everyone, so give us a call today!

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